Turkey's real estate is prominent in European countries, and is known to be "geographic, geographical, and geographic" as Turkey's unique strength. Make it a strategic hub for Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Add to that Turkey's nearly 82 million population, Turkey's massive construction development sector, and growing business and industrial exports, and Turkey provides an excellent platform for real estate development and investment.

♦ In the past decade, real estate in Turkey has accounted for about 8.4% of GDP, while in 2017, real estate accounted for 42.9% of foreign direct investment.

♦ Large-scale construction projects in major cities, including the Malala Railway, the Eurasia Tunnel, Istanbul's three-story tunnel, and Istanbul's third airport, will actively promote real estate investment.

♦ New plans for the construction of 7.5 million housing units up to $400 billion have invest new business into the real estate market.

♦ In the Lifang Global Real Estate Index, Turkey's real estate price rose by 11.1 percent year-on-year, surpassing those of Australia, Latvia and India.

♦ In 2017, real estate sales in Turkey reached 1.4 million households, of which foreigners purchased 22,234.

♦ Between 2010 and 2017, the average growth rate of leased area in the office building market reached 12%.

♦ The 2016 Interim Retailer Attraction Index shows that Istanbul has become Europe's sixth most attractive market after London, Paris, Moscow, Milan and Madrid.

♦ Compared with the European average, Turkey's potential for future real estate market development is huge.

How to Buy a Home in Turkey

Step 1: Regional survey

Turkey's housing market has been on the rise, and with the implementation of the $25 policy to buy homes, it has attracted a large number of investors from around the world. Turkey currently has thousands of real estate projects. Finding a safe, investment-worthy property is crucial. Istanbul is a multi-center metropolis, each with its own unique characteristics, and finding a satisfactory property requires, first of all, your understanding of each area of Istanbul (refer to the site's description of Istanbul).Only after thorough research can we find the target area of ​​satisfaction based on our needs, budget and expected lifestyle.

Step 2: Find a reliable real estate agent

The reliable real estate agent not only has a professional knowledge of real estate, but also familiar with the real estate projects in each district of Istanbul, and has a thorough investigation into the background of each real estate project. This is not only about the safety of the housing project, but also about whether a passport can be obtained through the purchase of the property. To reassure our customers, we offer them a one-stop long-term service, from home purchase to house hosting, which is just the beginning of our service delivery. We use our expertise to provide our clients with all legal and process-related advice on home purchase.

Step 3: Pre-Buy a Housing Survey

Step3: Before you buy a house, we suggest you visit Istanbul, experience local delicacies, and examine all the real estate projects in the target area and the surrounding environment, which will benefit you in choosing a satisfactory property. The real estate survey tour we can arrange will give you a good understanding of Istanbul and different real estate projects, and after thorough understanding and communication, we will help you choose the one that is best for you.

Step 4: Negotiations on Housing Prices and Conditions

Istanbul's property is subject to a certain discount depending on the terms of payment. Therefore, we need you to negotiate with the project party after you have selected the property for maximum benefit. We understand the real estate value here, as your property consultant, will help you negotiate with the real estate developer according to your payment method, and will help you maximize your benefits.

Step 5: Paying a Property Deposit to Lock Property and Price

Istanbul's excellent projects sell so quickly that once a satisfactory property is found, it is necessary to pay a deposit (which varies according to the owner's terms, usually$2,000 a house) to lock the property. Turkey’s law stipulates that the booking can be cancelled unconditionally within 14 days after payment of the deposit, so there is no need to worry about the risk of changing your mind again after paying the deposit.

Step 6: Sign the lawyer authorization agreement

The process of buying a house is complicated and it is difficult for a foreigner to have the time and energy to complete all the formalities himself. The simplest way is to sign an agreement for attorney's authorization, which will be handled on behalf of the solicitor in all formalities related to the purchase of a house.

Step 7: Completion of Property Investment to Obtain Property Certificate

After the investment is completed, the lawyer will handle the property transfer procedures on behalf of you. If the information is complete, the property will be transferred to your name within 1 to 2 weeks.

Housing Purchasing Costs in Turkey

Compared with other European countries Turkey’s property tax and late-term holding costs are low, at roughly one-third of Spain's and one-quarter of France’s. In Turkey, aside from the cost of the property itself, it is recommended that about 6% of the cost of preparing the property be used to pay for the property transaction and related taxes. For specific charges, we make a detailed list on the Home Purchase Migration Fees page. Go to your name.

Turkish property certificate

Turkey's real estate certificate, known in Turkey as the TAPU, contains information about the property and owners, and is a proof of the ownership of the property. The (TAPu and Cadastre General Directorate) is responsible for issuing, registering, and archiving property certificates.

Before buying a property, background checks on property rights are necessary to ensure that property rights are clear, especially for homebuyers, whose clarity and ownership depend on whether a passport is available.

The above figure is a sample of Turkish property certificates for 2020 with the following explanatory notes:
② county
④ building development number
⑤ land square to
⑥ area
⑦ architectural form
⑧ Property Form
⑨ Public Rental Area
⑩Project Area
⑪ the building/the building number
⑫ the door number
⑬Land Registration Number / What page
⑭ Owner's Name / Father's Name
⑮ Property Right Allocation
⑯ Type
⑰ Purchase Purpose
⑲Property Address
⑳Date of Registration

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