During the global financial crisis of 2009 and the ensuing economic crisis, Turkey's financial sector confirmed its resilience, thanks to the regulatory reforms and structural restructuring that the Turkish government implemented following the domestic financial meltdown of the early 2000's.Indeed, the financial sector's reforms have greatly boosted investor confidence, which has led to an investment of $51 billion over the past 15 years.

The banking industry is leading Turkey's financial sector, and, with insurance and other financial industries still showing great potential for development, the banking sector accounts for 70% of the Turkish financial sector's market. Turkey has 51 banks, 32 banks for storage and investment, and 13 for development. In addition, six Participation Banks, of which 28 are foreign banks (foreign investment accounts for 27% of total assets).

Today, flexible daily exchange-rate liberalization is in place in Turkey. Free-market transactions are effective, and central-bank markets are free to manage foreign exchange activities among banks, with loans and interest rates fluctuating freely, allowing foreign exchange to enter through any channel, as well as an active gold trading market. Turkey is one of the world's freest exchange regimes. Since 1984, its exchange policy has been liberalized; Turkey's Lira is free to convert into foreign currencies. In August 1989, the resolution was adopted to remove restrictions on foreign institutions and individuals' investment in real estate registered on the Stock Exchange in Istanbul, leaving Turkey's stock and public-debt markets, funds and profits on foreign exchange without any restrictions.

Turkey has also set the stage for transforming Istanbul into a leading financial center by 2030.Turkey, with a large number of young groups, qualified labor, fast-growing markets, and geostrategic advantages, has made Istanbul the first choice in international finance. Since the government launched the Istanbul Financial Center project, Istanbul has developed rapidly and has become one of the most recognized emerging financial centers in the world

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