Phase 1- visa application, document notarization double certification

E-visa: $61.5
Document notarization double certification: the specific cost of each notary certification issued by the bill (birth certificate, marriage certificate, residence registration booklet, identity card)

Phase 2- Turkey inspection, Purchase of Property, Passport Processing

Expenses: Free airport pick up, hotel stay and project tours (additional services customized to customer needs)
Home purchasing immigration consultant service fee: $5000/family
Buying a property: more than $250,000
Earnest money: about US$2000/house (varies depending on d
eveloper's requirements)
Property transaction tax: 4%
Earthquake Insurance: $20-$100/year
Real estate evaluation fee: 1200 lira-2500 lira (depending on the area), the actual cost is based on the invoice issued by the evaluation agency.
Sufficient funding: Depending on the area (150 square meters, around 1000 lire), the actual cost is subject to the bills issued by the Land Bureau
Property water and electricity deposit: about 200 lire per house (refundable)

Licensed translation fee (handle it in Turkey)
Certificate Translation Fee under a Power of Attorney POA : 1000 lire/copy
Passport first page translation (handle it in Turkey)
Passport first page Notarization Fee: 120 Lira/copy
Notarization fee under a Power of Attorney POA : 450 lire/copy.
Domestic signing under a Power of Attorney POA: From 100$ to 800$/copy each country has different price.
The specific fees are based on the standards of the Turkish Consulates around the world.

Lawyer’s fees:

US$5000 (Application fee for a group of 4 people)
US$6000 (Application fee for a group of 4 people, including property tax refund)
US$6000 (A group of 4 people. Bank deposit of $500,000 for immigration application fees)
US$10000 (applicants and their families to authorize lawyers to handle all formalities without traveling abroad)
The above costs include (medical insurance, visa fees, residence card application and ID card-making fees)

Health insurance: 200-1000 lira / person (varies according to age and gender) (included lawyer's fee)
Visa fee: 695.6 lira/person (included lawyer’s fees)
Residence card application and card-making fee: 110 lira/person (included in lawyer’s fees)
ID application fee: 25 lira/person (included in lawyer’s fees)

Passport tax: 208.3 lira/person (6 months); 304.4 lira/person (1 year); 497 lira/person (2 years); 705.9 lira/person (3 years); 994.8 lira/person (3 years or more)
Passport making fee: 160 lire/person
Turkish passport name changing fee: free

Phase 3: Property Holdings

Property tax: 0.3%
Property management fees: paid on an actual basis (4 lira/m2/month)
Water and electricity and other residential charges: Payment according to actual consumption
Rent tax: 15%-20% personal income tax (tax allowance 5400 lira)

Note: 2020 fees and service standards

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