Turkey has a well-developed system and resources in education. Education is the foundation of a nation and a strong country, so Turkey attaches great importance to education. Turkey’s education system is: two to three years of kindergarten, four years of elementary school, four years of middle school and university.Nursery schools are not part of compulsory education. They are often cheap and a good standard. Due to the 2005 education reform, all three stages of compulsory education can be completed at national schools. Before going to college (or any other institution of higher education), Turkish students must take the entrance exams. The results of these tests determine which schools they are eligible for.2-3 points in some of the entrance exams may mean a four-year undergraduate degree or a two-year education program qualification. Turkey currently has about 820 educational institutions, including universities. Among them, there are about 85 universities and famous universities including Ankara University, Clamjepthai University, Middle East University of Technology and National University of Korea, which charge very low fees, and admit most of countries high school entrance exam results.

The curriculum of the school is very diverse and focused on teaching foreign languages, creating an international environment for Turkish students. Learning the first foreign language at a public school starts in the second grade (8 years old), and the foreign language that learns the most is English until the end of high school. In his first year of high school (14), he began to learn a second foreign language and studied German more, but students can also choose French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, or Chinese according to their tastes.

Turkey has a relatively high level of education. Most of the best universities have already achieved English teaching and run their schools according to Western models and standards. There are many internationally recognized international schools. Here are some of Turkey's international schools

British International School in Istanbul (BISI)

The largest private school in Istanbul and even Turkey, offering all grades of learning from preschool to secondary education. The main language is English, a complete British system, and BISI has long been COBIS. (Council of British International Schools) is certified as a high-quality British-style international school.

Istanbul International School

Located on the suburbs of Istanbul, the school also provides pre-school education, primary education, secondary education, and the teaching of students in three different age groups. The Istanbul International School has also been certified as a member of the Cambridge International School System.

Istanbul International Community School

Founded in 1911, this school is a non-profit, joint school that serves foreign associations, providing school age services from kindergarten to secondary education. In addition to English, the school offers courses in Finnish, Korean, Spanish and international courses at Cambridge University. Istanbul International Community School has long been recommended for CIS and NEASC accreditation

Koç Özel Ilkögretim Okulu ve Lisesi- The Koç School
The School of Primary and Secondary Education was established in 1985 in the language of English and Turkish, and French and German were available for students to choose from before the sixth grade, with ninth-graders able to directly connect to the International Baccalaureate.

Üsküdar American High School

Founded in 1876, the school may be one of Turkey's oldest and most prestigious international schools, offering only English education and a complete American education system

Erisim private preschool

The international school offers pre-school education, English curricula and teaching methods for children aged 2-6 years, as well as classes for newly born babies.

Safir International School

Safir International School is an independent school established in 2015 and opened for the first time. Located in the heart of Istanbul, it is one of the first English international schools in Istanbul to welcome students of all academic levels (nurseries, elementary, middle and high schools) (starting with G10, as the accepted highest grade, with the aim of gradually reaching G12).

Safir is considered the largest international school in Turkey because it can accommodate 988 students. It is the only school that combines the US curriculum with a strong Arab curriculum, including Islamic studies and Arab history. Therefore, it was Turkey's first international school to teach English and Arabic, the Quran and Turkish.

Istanbul American Schools (IAS)

The American School in Istanbul is an international school that provides a model learning environment from early learning to the 12th grade.We draw strength from the American curriculum and make changes to meet the needs of international students living in Istanbul, Turkey.With the support of our highly qualified teaching staff and advanced information and communications technology, we welcome you to the Center for Excellence in Education. In international accounting standards, we attach importance to educational experience, which is not only confined to the academic sphere, but which we consider to be an opportunity to ensure that students become active community members and future successful leaders.

Most of these schools are located in Istanbul, an international metropolis, where there are at least 37 international schools, according to statistics, and the breadth and diversity of these schools can meet the needs of foreigners.

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