Property Management Services Cost

Household type Details of Expenses
1+0 300USD/House/Year
1+1 300USD/House/Year
2+1 400USD/House/Year
3+1 400USD/House/Year
4+1 500USD/House/Year
5+1 500USD/House/Year
Note: Charges and service standards implemented in 2020

Content of Housing Care Services

Real estate evaluation and rent determination
- Prepare project items for both indoors and outdoors, including taking photos
- Provide suggestions on repair and installation modifications to maximize monthly rent increase and obtain a good rate of return on investment.
- Collects data about the rate of return on rent in the area and determines the optimum rate of rent with the homeowner.
- Discuss with owners the pros and cons of different policies, such as whether pets are allowed, whether smoking is allowed, etc.
- Install Lock Box

Promotion of the Housing Rental Market
- Prepare a house for rent
Clean your home and optimize your interior room decoration
-Customized advertising for real estate and advertising media. Some commonly used media are:
Paid and free rental listing websites
Print a publication
- Collaborate with other real estate brokers and rental agents to find tenants
- Provides 24-hour hot-line phone calls that allow prospective tenants to communicate more information about their properties
- Responding to potential tenants' questions and booking for a room caregiver
- To sign a legally-compliant lease application with a prospective tenant
- Collection of Lease Application Fee

Tenant screening
- Perform a tenant background survey to verify identity, income, credit history, rent history, etc.
- Classifying tenants according to predefined tenant criteria
- Notify tenants who have been accepted or rejected

Tenant Check in
- Drafting of Lease agreement
- Confirmation of check-in date with tenant
- Review the lease payment with the tenant maintenance of the terms and conditions of the property required leasing criteria of the class
- Ensure all protocols are executed
- Perform a detailed check-in with the tenant and let the tenant sign before checking in .a report to verify the condition of the house
-Collect rents and security deposits.

Rent Collection
- Collect the rent
- Recovery of arrears
- Send payment or expiration notice
- Collection of overdue taxes

- Complete relevant documents to initiate and complete illegal detention
- To represent the owner in court
-Coordinate with law enforcement to expel tenants from houses and remove tenant property

- Providing advice in the event of a legal dispute or action
- Recommend owners to qualified lawyers as necessary
- Understand and comply with the latest information applicable to leasing and maintaining real estate local law

- Conduct regular outdoor and in-house checks in accordance with a predetermined schedule to identify conditions such as maintenance requirements, safety hazards, violations of regulations, and leases.
- Send regular reports on property status to owners

- Providing Accounting Property Management Services
- Pay on behalf of owner (tax, insurance, etc.))
- Detailed recording of expenses through invoices and receipts
- Keep all history records (paid invoices ,lease, inspection report, warranty, etc.)
- Provision of annual reports (for tax purposes)and the tax documents required
- To provide the owner with information on the particulars of his/her leased property proposals for tax relief
- Provides an easy-to-read monthly cash flow statement income and itemized expenditure.

Maintenance, Repair and Renovation
- Hire and supervise housing security attendant
- Formulating preventive maintenance policies Measures to identify and address maintenance requirements
- Providing reasonable prices, with Good working experience and legal qualifications Qualified Contractor's Channel
- At the best price the principle of accomplishing the best work, the task will be completed in the near be assigned to different Implementers (employees, handymen and professional contractors)
- Outdoor maintenance area
Defoliation of leaves and snow
Beautify the environment
Clear away rubbish and miscellaneous things
- Maintenance and monitoring 24 small Emergency Maintenance Hotline
- Larger refurbishment or maintenance Item
Providing the maximum range of a house proposal to increase rental income by a small margin
Compilation cost estimate
Win a tender for maintenance work
To act as chief supervise work

Eviction of a tenant
- Check the house and fill in a report on the condition of the house when the customer moves out
- Provision of copies to tenants and loss assessment
- Return margin balances to tenants
- Transferring the tenant's rent deposit to the owner or keeping it clean in the owner's maintenance reserve for the purpose of preparing and implementing measures to the Director for approval.
- Clean the house and do the necessary repairs or improvements
- Resetting the Lock New Password
- Re-letting of Housing in the Market

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