• One-step to get your passport: Get Turkish citizenship once and get a Turkish passport

  • Investment threshold is low: It costs only $250,000, and the property and identity are not bound for life

  • Easy conditions, and simple documents, short processing cycles:No proof of source of funds, no proof of crime, no academic qualifications and language requirements

  • Dual nationality, Changeable name: Turkey recognizes dual nationality and can apply for change of name

  • Non-immigrant supervision: 10-year passport issued at one time, no immigration supervision

  • Global allocation of assets: Reasonable global allocation of assets, raising the benefit of overseas assets

  • Stable investment, value added, US dollar clearing: stable and optimistic rental income and return on investment, the domestic and foreign demand market is the guarantee of the increase in the value of real estate.

  • Tax planning: Turkey Implementation of domestic tax system and avoids global taxation

  • Springboard for famous European and American schools: Turkey has western model of education, children can enter the school with low thresholds and go directly to European and American universities

  • Globalization: Turkish passport is visa-free for 119 countries and territories

  • Springboard for British and American residence: Turkish citizens can apply for US E2 visa and British Ankara Business/Work visa

  • Double-life medical benefits both at home and abroad: Turkey's health care system is sound and developed and can enjoy double-life medical benefits

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