The company's professional Turkish team will provide you with a home settlement service after your purchase to solve all your worries

Settlement service fee: 300USD /Family

Note: The cost of home service only includes agency and communication services, the additional incurred costs by the specific business have to be paid separately, subject to the invoice provided by the third party.

♦Housing Home Safety Service:

Contact the developer for processing.

Housing Acceptance Matter

"To pay water, electricity, etc." registration fee

Payment of Property Fee

Assist in the purchase of furniture, home, etc. electrical household appliances

Contact the carrying company, Home Affairs company.

Immigration Related Home-based Services:

Lawyer's office for immigration documents accompanied by fingerprinting,

fill out documents and fetch materials.

Handling and renewing medical insurance

Apply for a Turkish passport visa for various countries, for example EU working visas, U.S. E2 visas and British business visas

♦ Life Settlement Service:

Pay personal taxes in Turkey on your behalf

Solving Turkish Jobs issues and Paying Related Insurance

Provide local service consultancy about life : medical treatment , car purchase, car rental, driving school and driver's license procedures, contact school for assistance in handling children's admission procedures, bank affairs, etc.

♦Business home services:

Assist in the establishment of a company in Turkey.

Assist in contacting Turkish accountants and Lawyers.

Pay and handle all kind of Turkish companies taxes on your behalf.



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