Our company has a team of lawyers who provide comprehensive legal consultation and legal services for local and foreign clients with their extensive experience. We provide services according to our clients demand and solve various issues, including people's law, foreigner's law, real estate law, Corporate and commercial law, international and investment law, related litigation and controversy solution. We focus on the protection of the privacy of our customers, We will use our professional lawyers knowledge and experience to appreciate our clients trust in us.

Lawyer Furkan

Graduated from the Faculty of Law of Istanbul University. Holding Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
Up to now, Mr. Furkan has successfully established Turkish International Identity for hundreds of customers (including customers from China, Pakistan, France, Kenya, India, Jordan, Libya, Iraq and Iran). The application for citizenship has achieved positive results. In addition to provide citizenship and immigration services, he also provides consulting services on different legal issues for local and foreign clients, and provides legal guarantees for clients' investments in Turkey.

Lawyer Çağrı

He graduated from Istanbul University, faculty of law with a bachelor's degree. Master of Social Sciences, Istanbul University.
Mr. Çağrı advises foreigners on real estate investment in Turkey, and provides Turkish citizens with services such as applying for and obtaining residence permits and work permits
Foreigners and Refugees Law, Foreigners buying real estate law in Turkey, Property Ownership Law, Consumer Law, Inheritance Law, Labor and Social Security Law provide consultation, litigation and dispute solution.

Lawyer Ece

A graduate of Istanbul Maritime University, she is a registered lawyer with the Istanbul Bar Association, specializing in immigration law, property law, inheritance law and commercial law related cases, and handles Turkish citizenship application procedures for investment clients of various countries



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